Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Favourites

This month has passed by so fast! It kinda felt too short!

I am very excited to share my month's favourites with you, as it has some of the yummiest things! 

Whipped creme and Nutties. I have been filling my bowls with fresh fruits and creme way too much and no it does not stop there. From cookies to even chocolates, everything gets an extra doze of creme off late! But i just can't complain

I love Nutties! I am just crazy about them and for a long time I have been looking for them in the market and they were no where to be some seen. I kind of gave up hope....

....One day on my trip to the supermarket, I spotted them on the aisle and I was just ecstatic, I bought like 10 boxes, worried they might not be there the next time. 

This Nivea In-shower body lotion and Cool wave by Davidoff, been reaching for these two a lot off late. 

My favourites are incomplete without the mention of that one accessory that I kept using throughout the month . Get this at RosabelleTreasures

Friday, 13 February 2015

Love Tale

It's already that time of the air, when we are surrounded by Love! 
I love the cutesy Valentine's day decor in the stores, in the malls, in the restaurants....its everywhere!

So, in a relationship or not, its a pretty good day to dress up and have that rosy blush on your cheeks and head out for a fun day! 

For this look I wasn't really sure about the location, but the dress and roses were very much in the picture! 

So I finished this dress, just two days before the shoot, and the roses were more of a result of an all night-er! 

I love how they turned out and guys! they are really easy to make..

I wanted the makeup to be muted, with a highlight being the red lips.

Dress- Venaur 
Jewellery- RosabelleTreasures
Shoes - Zara
Roses- DIY

Thursday, 5 February 2015


I love the time around late afternoon, when the sun is not piercing your eyes, but you rather enjoy those rays that touch you. The soft light and the lovely warmth. I just love sitting with my sketchbook or a cup of tea in my balcony, around that time. 

I shot this look, around that same time, and this pic sums up the fuzzy feelings I have towards late afternoon. 

This is one of the very first dresses, I stitched! I saw the fabric and fell in love with the colour. 

I added this DIY belt, which kind of pulls this look together.

I kept the accessories simple, with just a ring and a neckpiece!

Dress - Venaur
Belt- DIY
Heels- Catwalk
Jewellery- RosabelleTreasures