Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May Favourites

The speed with which the months have been flying off by, is unbelievable ...

This month has mostly been a blur of things, and among the chaos I found these beautiful pair of black pants ( which btw will make you fall in love with your own butt) trust me, no kidding there. 
I have been loving every single one of these from the Zara collection. 

Recently I also decided to change my hair regime a bit, and switched to this conditioner by Scharzkopf! It's a lovely product, please do try and get your hands on it. It does make my hair soft but I fell it adds a certain shine as well. 

I did a review of this mascara and it practically lives with me now..
another fav nail pot is Iced mauve by Revlon!

I am embrassing the tassel trend in full swing and can't get enough of these simple yet adding the style quotient tassel pendant by RosabelleTreasures

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Teal Deal

The moment I came across this dress, I wasn't too keen on it. The lace trend had kinda already washed out over me. 

Since I can't let go of anything that is teal or tealish, I gave it a try...

....it has been on plenty of outings since then. 

Dress- Lifestyle 
Heels - Zara 
Jewellery - RosabelleTreasures

Friday, 20 May 2016

Review : Island Kiss Lip Moisturisers

Beautiful packaging and day dreamy scents, these lip balms are no ordinary ones!

I have been using them every single day and I just cant get enough, from packaging, to quality and to the very fact that they are 100% organic and made with so much love!

It's just a whole new feeling, when you buy soemthing from a home grown business and when you get the product, you know the love that goes into it

The purple one is my favourite, smells like lavender and it's my current night lip balm ( which is not changing ever again btw)

Starting of with Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender, It smells divine and has no colour, which works great as a base lip balm, before I apply my lip colour 

Then there is Cherry Blossom Flores, love the frangarnce and the lovely tint of pink. 
And lets not forget Puerto Berry Blush well, this one is packed with sass...love the beautiful red colour of it, the pigmentation is just wow

These beauties need to be in every single vanity...check them out at myislandkiss

Monday, 16 May 2016

Knot At All

I have come a long way from not wanting to have a single piece of shirt in my wardrobe, to now having a whole section for them!

Love the efortlessness of a simple shirt and denim look, and I just couldn't pass over the extra drama that knot added. 

Shirt - Forver21
Jeans - Only
Heels - Steve Madden
Jewellery- RosabelleTreasures

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review : The Body Shop British Rose Body Scrub

I am a very impulsive shopper and lately I have been trying to keep that habbit at bay. So, when thebodyshop launched their british rose collection, I knew I already had too many products, but I just couldn't resist the fragrance. 

Do you remember the very fancy and not so realistic perfume ads, with a beautiful lady having a bath in a tub full of roses, well as much as I would like to think it's practical to do that, its really not...you might not get that experince, but you can totally smell like you had that experience. 

I am completely smitten by the fragrance and I do wana go back and pick more products from this range. 

I love the consistency of this scrub, as it is a gel form and very easy to see. It feels very fresh on the skin, exfoliates well too 

I have been using this twice a week and my skin feels and smells amazing. 

If you can get your hands on this, I would suggest you do...