Friday, 30 June 2017

June Favourites

Its that time of favourites again! 

These are one of those pairs that I loved too much so I bought them in two colours. I have a pair in gold too. 

Been pairing a lot of pastel accessories with the outfits too. This one in particular goes with my white button downs to all my dressy dresses :)

Ahh! yes the products that I am so excited to share...that face mask is soo soo good, very refreshing for a quick pampering session. And those nailpaints...I mean oh my god...I have had them for so long and not one has dried out and the brush is just made for clumsy hands like me! 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Knitwear & Boots

Have always been a fan of knitwear, such cozy and comfy clothing. I love pairing them with denims, shorts and even tulle skirts! 

Knit Top - ONLY
Shorts - Forever21
Boots - Catwalk

Friday, 23 June 2017

Review: Thefaceshop Real Nature Mask Sheets

So sheet masks are all the cult right now, and to be very honest I was a little hesitant to jump on the bus too. More often than not I end up whisking up a homemade mask or scrub and that has been working out pretty well for me...but nevertheless I got them in an amazing offer, and my opinions have changed too after using them

Since I have not tried all of them, I will first start with the ones I you can pick them according to the concern that you are facing with your skin, like moisturizinf, firming, illuminating, brightning and so on. 

First up I tried the Goji Berry face mask  which is for moisturising, I honestly did not like it so much as it was too moisturising, even after I was done with the mask, I felt the stickiness for a long time. I would not be repeating this one...though It will be very amazing for dry skin 

Then comes the White Tea Mask which is for illumination, I did like this one, it was very refreshing and I did feel a subtle glow, as though all the impurities have been lifed off. I would go back for more 

They are a great pick me up on a dull skin day and I would be making them part of my routine. I will keep updating this post, as and when I kep using them 

Price - 100/- 

Tell me your experience with the sheet masks? 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Breezy Cape

Do you have those moments, where you buy soemthing and don't wear it for a long time? But after a while it's all that you wear? Well...that is kinda the case with this cape top. I just love it!!

It looks great with shorts/pants both. The fabric is so breezy too. 

Top - AND 
Shorts - Forever21
Heels - Steve Madden 
Jewellery - RosabelleTreasures

Monday, 12 June 2017

Summer Styles from Fastrack

Fastrack in association with Titan Eye Plus has launched a new collection of  frames. I got to check out the whole collection and boy is it beautiful. They have some really summery-colours including pink, blue. 

Pastel shades and stylish shapes. Everything needed to turn the geekiest of them into geek-chic. I picked up this gorgeous green one. Just love the colour. The frame is so sleek as well. This is available exclusively at Titan Eyeplus stores.

Let me know what you guys think?

Monday, 5 June 2017

Girl Next to the (Blue) Door

Hi guys, here is another jumpsuit look which I wear too often, its super versatile. 

It goes from day to night flawlessly, and that is exactly why I reach for this particular one in my wardrobe all the time. 

I wear a funky crop top under it, so during night out, I just button it down and Voila!

Jumpsuit - Forever New 
Brallette- Club L
Heels - Forever21
Jewellery - RosabelleTreasures